Star Wars Battlefront II - BATTLEFRONT-1035 Mod

Star Wars Battlefront II - BATTLEFRONT-1035 Mod for Windows

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  • Version: 1.2.1

Free first-person shooter mod

Star Wars Battlefront II - Battlefront 1035 Mod is a free role-playing game mod that aims to add new units, heroes, vehicles, starfighters, and custom maps from each Star Wars era. With this mod, you will receive an additional four modes: Campaign, Conquest, Space Assault, Hero Assault, and Hunt. Each unit class that is on the ground will also be playable in space, as well, so you’re not short on expeditions. Starfighter classes include Interceptor, Bomber, and Transport—each working in first-person view

What does Battlefront 1035 do?

The main draw of this mod is that it allows playable characters on the field to also play in space, as well. These are separated into factions—namely, the fighters, interceptors, bombers, and transporters. The one that stands out from the rest is the ARC Trooper, a part of the infiltrator class for the Galactic Republic. He has a unique set of gears and weapons. He has the double DC-17 pistol as his primary weapon.

You can use his weapons to shoot a powerful explosive blast during long-range battles. As the character, you will be armed with a shock strap that doubles as a jetpack. It is up to you when you want to detonate it and cause damage to all your enemies in the vicinity. Other classes also boast their own arsenal; pick between the assault, heavy, officer, and specialist class and see which one suits your playstyle. 

Members of the Assault class are a basic grunt unit equipped with a blaster rifle designed for aggressive melee combat. It’s unlike the Heavy class, which has the ability to suppress large groups. They are equipped with a large number of explosives like the MLP barrage; it can shoot three grenades per clip and can be deployed at a distance. Specialists are also keen on long-range battles with their targeting blaster. 

Get more out of your game 

BATTLEFRONT-1035 Mod offers more classes and more weapons for you to use in the Star Wars Battlefront II game. You can get more action out of the first-person shooter with this mod, as you will have more playable characters to choose from and have more variety in your arsenal. This will allow you to try different playstyles and engage in different kinds of battles. 


  • Additional playable characters
  • Additional weapons
  • Additional classes and factions


  • Limited to nameless characters


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Star Wars Battlefront II - BATTLEFRONT-1035 Mod


Star Wars Battlefront II - BATTLEFRONT-1035 Mod 1.2.1 for PC


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